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You Don't Have To Be Fat To Find Your Groove Here...

This blog is about helping real women with real fears
to find their voice and speak their message with confidence
by shaking off the harmful experiences of the past
to find the courage to embrace their fantastic future!

I encourage you to read the blogs, to take the challenges,
to release the 'fat girl' within, that part of you that wants to keep you in a small space in life.

And so it begins…

Welcome to what I hope will be a really informative and inspiring blog.

I want you to be prepared...There is going to be a lot of realness in this blog. We will not be pulling our punches when they are justified. We may even let it all hang out from time to time, so if you are afraid of a bit of fat thinking, then now is the time to run for cover.

This blog is dedicated to all the women that struggle to love themselves and others because of past experiences. For the wallflowers, those chosen last on the teams and those who have been abandoned, cheated on, betrayed or rejected.

I stand in solidarity with all of my sisters around the world who are voiceless, whose voices were taken away. And I dedicate this blog to helping other women find their voice and to be empowered to use it.

Don’t let fear stop you…

Too often fear holds us prisoners. The key is to not let it take you prisoner, but to defy it's influence in your life by loving perfectly. What does it mean to love perfectly? It means to love yourself as much you love those around you, for perfect love casts out fear.

Discovering Who You Are

It has been my experience that as we walk through life, bit by bit, the pieces of the puzzle of who we are slowly slot into place.

We can fast track the process, by inviting others who are a bit further ahead of us in a certain area into our lives to help us.

This is why we have coaches and trainers in life. They share knowledge, to help us grow.

I encourage you to access help if you feel like there are areas of your life where you know you need more information to pull your pieces into the right places.

See my courses below or email me for more information on how I or others I know can support you in your journey.